Reopening School Letter From Director

Reopening Schools

Dear Parents and Cocke County Community,

The Cocke County School System is looking forward to the beginning of the 2020-2021 school year. We have been in regular contact with state and local officials over the summer as we created our school reopening plan. This plan was produced using suggested safety protocols from the State Department of Education and CDC, health information from our community, and academic approaches that will allow our school district to meet the learning needs of our students, whether in person or remotely.

The safety of our students and school district staff is our first priority as we prepare to welcome students back on August 3rd. We have been examining all aspects of student interaction to develop plans and procedures to allow for students to go through their school day in a safe environment. This means that the average school day that our students and staff members have known will look different as we begin the new year.

Our reopening plan includes multiple areas where protocols have been developed to help us get back in school. The plan includes revised rules for students riding buses, screening activities that will occur each morning, rules for managing the flow of students and staff within our school buildings, how we will feed students, the cleaning and sanitizing of our buildings, managing the use of technology, and how Cocke County Schools will continue to serve students with special needs. All of these areas and more will be monitored daily as we enter into this new way of having school in a rapidly changing environment.

The reopening of school is going to depend on a partnership between students, parents, school staff, and our community. Each of us has a responsibility to meet the expectations set forth in the reopening plan. Those expectations will require everyone to do their part to adapt to these new requirements that the COVID-19 virus has forced us to put into practice. We thank you in advance for spending time with your children to walk through these new activities they will experience in their classrooms and schools in order to provide a safe learning environment.

One lesson we have all learned over the past few months is the need to remain flexible. We are commited to evaluating our reopening plan as it unfolds and making adjustments as required. Our goal is to maintain open communication lines with students, parents, staff and community partners as we recreate public education in Cocke County. We look forward to working with our community to Move Mountains and Achieve Success.

Mr. Manney Moore
Director of Schools