Cocke County Schools offer athletics opportunities to students in grades 6-8 and at the high school level to students across the school district. Our schools are members of the Tennessee Secondary Schools Athletic Association (TSSAA) and operate under rules and guidelines set forth by the state organization.

The Cocke County School System views participation in athletics as an important element in the educational and physical development of our students. Like other extra-curricular activities, athletics allow our students to take ownership of a piece of the educational experience within their schools. Participation in our athletics programs is voluntary. Team membership carries with it responsibilities to teammates, coaches, school, families and the communities they represent.

Both of our high schools, Cocke County High School and Cosby High School have a Director of Athletics who is responsible for the management and oversight of athletics programs at their respective schools. The principals at each of our K-8 schools oversee the athletics programs at their schools. The Elementary Schools are members of the Cocke County Elementary Athletics Association.

Athletics Contacts at Schools

Cocke County High School
Dr. Robert Vick
[email protected]
Cosby High School
Levi Cooper
[email protected]
Bridgeport Elementary
April Cody
[email protected]
Centerview Elementary
Ginger Atkins
[email protected]
Cosby Elementary
Wade Williams
[email protected]
Del Rio Elementary
Kaye Ramsey
[email protected]
Edgemont Elementary
Nathan Chambers
[email protected]
Grassy Fork Elementary
Jamie Clark
[email protected]
Northwest Elementary
Dr. Shannon Grooms
[email protected]
Parrottsville Elementary
Travis Hall
[email protected]
Smoky Mountain Elementary
Jordan Williams


Athletics Eligibility

  • A student must earn five credits the preceding school year if less than 24 units are required for graduation or six credits the preceding school year if 24 or more credits are required for graduation. All credits must be earned by the first day of the beginning of the school year.
  • A student must be enrolled before the 20th school day of the semester, in regular attendance, and carrying at least five full courses during the present semester.
  • A student is permitted eight semesters of eligibility beginning with the ninth grade.
  • A student shall be ineligible in high school if he or she becomes 19 years of age on or before Aug. 1.
  • Athletes must live at home with their parents.
  • In order for a transfer student with an athletic record to be eligible at another school there must be a bona fide change of residence by the athlete’s parents that justifies a change in schools.
  • All transfer students must be approved by the Executive Director of TSSAA before participating in any game.
  • A student who engages in three or more days of practice – including spring practice – with a high school in which he or she is enrolled shall be ineligible in that sport for 12 months if the student enrolls in another school without a corresponding change in the residence of his or her parents.
  • A student whose name is listed on the school eligibility report cannot participate in an independent game or meet until the season has closed in that particular sport. This does not include golf, tennis, or bowling.
  • A registered athlete cannot accept any money for athletic skills in any TSSAA sponsored sport.
  • An athlete may accept a medal, trophy, high school letter, sweater, jacket, shirt, blazer, or blanket for athletic participation but nothing else of commercial value, and these awards must carry the school’s letter or other appropriate award emblem.
  • All expenses to an athlete camp where specified instruction is offered must be paid by the athlete or his parents.
  • When an athlete is charged tuition to attend a school; it must be paid by the parent, bona fide guardian or other family member.
  • Any student repeating the 7th grade or 8th grade and participates in school athletics while repeating shall not be eligible to participate in athletics during their 9th grade year.
  • A student may not participate in an all-star game unless it is sanctioned by the TSSAA and unless he/she has completed high school eligibility in that sport.