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Special Announcement about the Pandemic Electronic Benefit Transfer Program

The Tennessee Department of Human Services is working with school districts to give eligible families who missed the August 14th deadline another chance to receive food assistance through the Pandemic Electronic Benefit Transfer (P-EBT) program. Read More

The Cocke County Schools Food Service Department is dedicated to students’ health, as well as to the promotion of the role health plays in their ability to learn. We work with our team of professionals in school cafeterias to provide breakfast and lunch in eleven schools across the school district.

We operate the largest food service organization in Cocke County as we serve over 4,000 meals each school day. We offer well-balanced school meals that provide our students with milk, fruits, vegetables, protein and grains. These are the building blocks that fuel Cocke County’s students for learning.

Meals, foods and beverages served through our school cafeterias meet state and federal requirements based on USDA Dietary Guidelines. Our Food Service Department team is also aware of the impact food allergies can have on the health of students. We work with our school nurses in the development of plans to meet the needs of students affected by food allergies.

Mission Statement
Our mission is to serve students and staff of Cocke County Schools a quality, affordable meal, adhering to the Dietary Guidelines set by the USDA, to maintain a commitment to fiscal responsibility and to continuously strive for nutritional integrity in the program.

Free School Breakfast Program
All schools in the Cocke County School System offer a hot breakfast to all students at no cost. Some schools also offer Grab n’ Go Breakfasts as well at no cost to students.

Free School Lunch Program
All schools in the Cocke County School System offer a hot lunch to all students at no cost. Students are also provided with a bag lunch at no cost while off campus for a school-sponsored field trip.

After School Snacks Program
The Cocke County Schools Food Service Department works with school staff members in all schools to offer a snack at no cost for students participating in adult-sponsored activities after the end of the school day. Please contact your school’s cafeteria manager if you would like to enroll your student group in this program.

Food Service Department Employment Process
If you would like to work in a Cocke County School System cafeteria, please download and print the food service application. If you have any questions, please contact the Food Service Department at (423) 623-1956.

To apply, bring the completed application and a copy of your high school diploma to the Food Service Department located in the Cocke County Schools Central Office building at 305 Hedrick Drive, Newport, TN 37821.

Department Directory

Rebekah Fisher
[email protected]
(423) 623-1956 x2040

Bookkeeper/Field Manager
April Barger
[email protected]
(423) 623-1956 x2023

Field Manager
Rhonda James
[email protected]
(423) 623-1956 x2022