Appeals To The Board

Appeals to and Appearances Before the Board

  • Individuals desiring to appear before the Board of Education must submit a written request with descriptive materials to the office of the Director of Schools by noon on the day of the Board meeting. The agenda for that day’s Board meeting will be sent to Board members just after noon, so any request must arrive before noon for consideration.
  • If the request is approved by the Executive Committee of the Board, the item will be placed on the agenda. Individuals placed on the agenda will be recognized at the meeting and given time to speak when their topic of interest is addressed on the agenda.
  • If an individual wants to address the Board on an item on the agenda, he or she may sign up on the form provided before the beginning of the Board meeting to request time to speak. Delegations must select one representative from their group to speak on their behalf unless otherwise determined by the Board.
  • The Board chairman may recognize individuals not on the agenda for remarks to the Board if he or she determines that such is in the public interest. A majority vote of Board members present can overrule the decision of the chairman.
  • Individuals speaking to the Board shall address their remarks to the chairman and may direct questions to individual Board members or staff members only upon the approval of the chairman.
  • Remarks to the Board will be limited to 5 minutes unless time is extended by the Board.
  • The chairman shall have the authority to terminate the remarks of any individual addressing the Board who is disruptive or does not adhere to Board rules.