School attendance matters. The Cocke County Schools Attendance Office lives by that slogan because being present plays a significant role in learning. Research shows that as the number of times a child is absent from school grows, the more difficult their climb to academic success becomes. We have a dedicated staff of educators across Cocke County Schools who are prepared to deliver quality instruction daily to our students. However, it’s hard to teach an empty seat.

The Attendance Office works with school administrators and their attendance teams to implement Board of Education policies related to school attendance. We monitor school attendance on a regular basis and work with students and their families to get to the root cause of absenteeism and develop plans for making school attendance a priority. With changes in state laws regarding school attendance in recent years, our goal is to make sure all students and their family members are aware of the attendance policies and the corrective measures that are required of school districts across Tennessee.

There is a link to the Cocke County Schools Board of Education policies related to school attendance on this page. In addition, you will also find research-based findings about how important school attendance in younger grades is in predicting future success.

Tips for Good School Attendance

  • Become familiar with the school calendar so you can avoid planning family trips or other activities on school days. The current school year calendar and calendars for future school years are posted on the Cocke County Schools website.
  • Avoid scheduling appointments during the school day where possible.
  • Be sure your child’s school can easily contact you at all times during the school day. Remember to share any changes of phone numbers and other contact information with the school. Also remember to keep emergency contact information updated with your child’s school.
  • Keep the lines of communication open between you, your child and school officials.
  • Part of consistent school attendance includes developing a daily routine for bedtime and early mornings. Doing small things like laying clothes out and getting the backpack ready for the next day can help prepare everyone for the expectation of another school day. It also will help reduce stress during the hectic morning time before school.
  • Be aware of school attendance policies including the start time for your child’s school. Your Student Handbook includes information about school absenteeism and what constitutes being tardy to school. Arriving to school on time is also a critical element of school attendance. Instruction begins at the start of the school day. When a student arrives late, he or she misses valuable time and can disrupt the class.
  • Encourage your child to attend school and to be an active participant in their education. The most important partner in your child’s education is your child. Let them know how important it is to be there and to be engaged in learning.

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