The Cocke County School System provides bus transportation for each school in the district. The school district owns the buses and drivers are employees of Cocke County Schools.

Our goal is to provide well-maintained buses driven by trained drivers to transport our students to and from school each day of the school year. The safety of students and their conduct while on our buses are paramount as an extension of the school day. We value the lives of our students and take seriously our role in transporting them in an orderly and safe fashion.

Bus safety and conduct are covered under Cocke County Board of Education policy. It can be found under the Student tab on the Cocke County Board of Education Policy Manual, item number 6.308 in the Directory.

Complaints related to bus services are directed to the Supervisor of Transportation. Complaints may be handled in person, by via phone, e-mail, or mail. Written complaints shall be submitted on forms located on this website. For more information related to bus service complaints, refer to item number 3.400 under the Support Service tab of the Cocke County Board of Education Policy Manual.

Cocke County Schools Transportation by the Numbers:

We provide transportation services to 3,500 students daily.

Our buses drive approximately 32,300 miles each month during the school year.

We have 40 regular size buses and 6 special needs buses running routes daily.

There are 57 dedicated members of the Cocke County Schools Transportation Team entrusted with the safe transportation of our students.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I find out the bus number that my child will ride?

Contact the Transportation Office at [email protected] or call us at (423) 623-2757.

Where do I find the time that my child will be picked each morning and brought home each afternoon?

The Transportation Department has established routes with approximate pick up and drop off times. You can contact the Transportation Office at (423) 623-2757 to get the times for your specific stop along the route.

When the beginning of school is delayed for one or two hours, what does that do to pick up times?

Delays result in bus schedule changes. The pick-up time is normally adjusted by the amount of time the beginning of the school day is delayed. A two-hour delay will mean a two-hour delay in the normal pick-up time. Please be alert for any announced changes for your specific route.

Who do I contact to make a complaint about a bus driver or to praise the work of a bus driver?

Please contact the Transportation Department at (423) 623-2736 with complaints or compliments of our bus drivers.

If the bus stops at our regular bus stop and my child does not get off the bus, who do I contact?

In the event that your child does not exit the school bus at their normal stop, contact Chris Norton, Director of Transportation at (423) 623-2757. He is able to communicate immediately with the bus driver to get information.

If I see an item thrown out of the window of a school bus, either while the bus is moving or while at a bus stop, who do I contact to report the incident?

The safety of people around our school buses is just as important as the children on it. If you see an item thrown out of a school bus window, please contact our office at (423) 623-2757, e-mail us at [email protected], or contact law enforcement.

Is my child able to ride another school bus to a friend’s house after school?

Yes, if the student has a signed note giving permission of a parent/guardian that is also signed by the school principal.

Where can I find the bus rider rules?

The bus rider rules are posted on the Cocke County Schools website on the Transportation Department page under the Transportation Info header. The rules are also posted clearly inside each school bus next to the driver, so students can see them as they enter, exit, and are seated on the bus.

If my child leaves an item on his/her school bus, how do we reach someone to retrieve the item?

If your child leaves an item on the bus as they arrive home, you can contact Chris Norton, Director of Transportation, at (423) 623-2757. He is able to contact bus drivers along their route and might be able to make arrangements for you to meet the bus to get the item. Arrangements can also be made to retrieve the item at the end of the route.

Do school buses adjust their routes if school is dismissed early because of inclement weather?

Yes. Obviously, the bus routes will run as schools are dismissed. However, please be aware that there could be a few delays in getting away from campus as compared to how quickly we are able to load students and leave on a school day that is not impacted by weather. Also keep in mind that weather conditions often create larger traffic patterns as all drivers slow down for safety purposes. It is also critical that emergency phones numbers that your child’s school has for you are current. In the event that we have to make an adjustment to the bus route due to the weather, we need phone information in order to contact you about those changes.

Who do I contact if my child is injured on a school bus or while exiting a school bus?

If your child suffers an injury while on a school bus or as they exit the bus, please contact the Transportation Department at (423) 623-7821, or contact Chris Norton, Director of Transportation, at (423) 623-2757.

Department Directory

Chris Norton
[email protected]
(423) 623-2757

Assistant Supervisor
Walter Bullington
[email protected]
(423) 623-2757 x2104

Administrative Assistant
Susan Norris
[email protected]
(423) 623-2757 x2100

[email protected]