Student Support Services

The Student Support Services Department has the primary mission of providing resources to support the development of the whole child. Our efforts focus on meeting the social, emotional, and physical needs of our students throughout Cocke County Schools. We work in concert with the Curriculum and Instruction Department to align our resources to eliminate many barriers that can negatively impact academic growth.

The work of the Student Support Services Department includes multiple programs to achieve our mission. Our team collaborates to bring resources to the table to meet the individual needs of students. Those include:

  • Coordinated School Health offers a collection of resources to promote and encourage healthy lifestyles for students. These can be related to nutrition, increasing physical activity, and improving access to health screenings.
  • The Family Resource Center offers resources to bridge the gap to help students and families when poverty, substance abuse, abusive situations or family dysfunction present barriers to student success.
  • The AWARE program offers mental health support to students across the school district in addition to those provided by school counselors. The AWARE office works with school level staff to connect them with contracted mental health providers and provides Student Support Specialists to help connect students and families with mental health support.
  • The Health Services program provides school nurses to serve students who become ill or are injured while at school. They also serve Cocke County Schools as a resource for health related projects, and work with students who have unique health issues.
  • Cocke County’s Gateway Programs include several critical efforts to meet the instructional needs of specific populations who need an alternative education path. These programs provide smaller classroom environments that allow students a better chance to realize their full potential.

The Student Support Services team serves students from all Cocke County Schools and works in collaboration with several community and government agencies to provide the needed resources to support our students.

Department Directory

Bryan Douglas
[email protected]
(423) 625-9768

Coordinated School Health
Christy Edmonds
[email protected]
(423) 623-1528

Family Resource
Diana Samples
[email protected]
(423) 248-9294

Project AWARE
Kim Guinn
[email protected]
(865) 227-2964

Nancy Oberst- Soesbee
[email protected]
(423) 625-9768

Supervisor of Health Services
Carla Ponder
[email protected]
(423) 623-7179 ext. 2017

Mental Health
Referral Forms:

If you have concerns about a student’s well-being or you are a student who needs additional support, please complete the form below for your specific school. This form is sent to your school counselor who will follow-up with those concerns.

Reminder: Counseling services remain private and confidential as required under the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA).