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Kindergarten Links


NETS Technology Skills K-2

Top 10 Signs of a Good Kindergarten Classroom

Kindergarten Alphabet and Spelling links

Virtual Manipulatives

Kindergarten Math at AAA Math

Colors, numbers, and shapes

Kindergarten Math at Kidport

Numbers worksheets

Math games for age 6 and under

Kindergarten Math games

Kindergarten Math Resources for Everyday Math

Games and Lesson plans

Pattern activities

Kindergarten Math games

Fun Brain Counting

Kindergarten Resources at EdHelper

Science and Social Studies for Kindergarten

Math Games and worksheets

Free Kindergarten Printable Math Worksheets

Connect the Dots game (counting)

Monster Math (counting)

Counting on a Cloud (counting)

Seahorse game (counting)

Fishing for Numbers game

11 free sample Math worksheets

Math Activities/

Kindergarten links

Math Games (scroll down under Math Cat)

Classroom Graphing ideas

K Level Lesson Plans

Kindergarten resources

Math Lingo

Kindergarten Math

K-2 Math Links

Kindergarten linksl

Kindergarten Online Math test

Various Subject Kindergarten links

Stories, games, songs, etc.

Games for ages 6 and under

AAA Math for Kindergarten

Handwriting sheets plus links to various themes

Alphabet activities (click Classroom or Alphabet on the pencil)

Kindergarten links

Kindergarten Math links

Isometric Drawing tool

Words to songs for Kindergarten

Websites for Primary Grades

Kindergarten Lesson Plans

Kindergarten Game links

Few Math and Lang. Arts Kindergarten worksheets

Links to Math games

Kid Zone Kindergarten links

Measuring game to 1/2 units

3 Kindergarten Science units

Games for children ages 1-5

Games for children ages 6-9

Farm animal and few other animal sounds

Coloring pages, puzzles, and mazes

Pre-school/Kindergarten games

Ocean coloring/worksheets for various grade levels

Site that promotes watermelon is better than junk food.

Yellowstone coloring books

Learn about Pet Care

Games, coloring pages, puzzles, etc. from the USGS

Coloring book on hydroelectric power<

Woodsey Owl coloring sheets

Weather photos from NOAA

Snow crystal photos

Photos of large construction equipment

Interactive site about cars and safety

Sparky the Fire Dog website

Kindergarten Science links

Kindergarten units with links/

Math Games

Nash’s Adventures

Count Us In Number Games/

K-2 Student Activity (Task) Cards

How Your Body Works game

Sesame Street Games

Mrs. Alphabet

Printable Alphabet Coloring sheets/

Letter Coloring pages

Online Games


Alphabet Coloring pages

RIF Read Along Stories and Songs

Counting on a Cloud

Find Hidden letter, numbers, shapes

Fuzzy Lion Ears Missing letter game

Connect the Dots (counting)

ABC order game

Letter and number games

Dinosaur games

Build a Virtual Snowman/

Social Studies links

Social Studies lesson plans

Social Studies links

Kindergarten Social Studies posters

Kindergarten Science and Technology links

Kindergarten Language links

Kindergarten Math links

Kindergarten Art links

Kindergarten and Parent links

Kindergarten links

Opposites game

CVC Spelling game

Synonyms game

CVCE spelling game

Letter bugs CVC spelling game

pelling game with oo, ow, and oy

Putting sentence words in order

Real or make believe game

Matching capital and lowercase letters

Alphabetizing words

Order (sequence) game

Beginning sound game

Just for Fun Games

Pre-School playground

First Grade Links

Second Grade Links

Third Grade Links

Fourth Grade Links

Fifth Grade Links

Sixth Grade Links


NETS Technology Skills 6-8

Sixth Grade links (Scotchtown Hills Elementary)

Games for grades 3-6

MMI links (various subjects)

Various Sixth grade links

Thinking Games

Thinking Games 2

Thinking Games 3

Thinking Games 4

Games (Math, Language Arts, etc.)

Sixth Grade links at Kidport

Sixth grade links

Web Search for Kids by Librarians

Middle School Resources from Waukegan Schools (various subjects)

WebQuests for grades 3-6

Middle School WebQuests

Great Websites for Kids

Utah Ed. Network 6th grade links

Sixth Grade Class links

Links for Fun and Learning

Coordinate links

Mean, Mode, Median links

Shape, Space, & Measurement links

Number and Algebra links

Platonic Solids (cube, tetrahedron, etc.)

Games (angles, fractions, decimals, prime factoring)

Math & Thinking Games

Area formulas for plane shapes

Interactive Mathematics

Math practice (factors, fractions, prime numbers, etc.)

Games (mostly Math)

Math Games at A+Math

Math Games at CoolMath

Sixth Grade Math Games at AAA Math

Math Figure This!

Ask Dr. Math-Middle School Archive

Euclid’s Elements

Mrs. Renz’s Math websites

Cool Math Sites

Online Math Basic Skill Games

Math Websites by Reggie

Math Magician (Multiplication)

Math Magician (Division)

Games (angles, decimals addition, & decimal subtraction)

Math Search Game (math equations to solve)

AAA Math for 6th grade

Angles game

Stop that Creature! (equation game)

Virtual Color Chips

Virtual Color Chips (subtraction with negative numbers)

Line Jumper game (addition and subtraction on a number line)

Seventh Grade Links

Eighth Grade Links