Information on COVID-19 Testing for Parents

Cocke County Health Services


The Cocke County School System will offer voluntary Covid-19 testing for staff and students 12 years old and older in the near future. Once testing starts, tests will be performed by a school nurse.


To:  Parents

You will be receiving a permission form to test for Covid 19 from your child’s school.

Covid-19 testing is never required by the Cocke County School System.

Covid-19 testing will be strictly voluntary.  No test will ever be performed without written consent. If you do not want your child to be tested at school, do not return the form.

If your child becomes sick at school with covid like symptoms, the school nurse will notify you to come pick your child up from school.

If you want your child tested for covid-19, you can request that the school nurse perform a test that will be sent to Rural Medical Services for analysis.